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In the South of Spain (Andalucía) it is tradition in parties like “Feria de Abril” to wear a Flamenco dress. But it is not done with the dress only, accessories are very important as well. Originally the women used to wear a bun with a Spanish Hair Comb and a flower.

As it happened with the flamenco dress, the headdresses have undergone an evolution as well. Today the women wear their hear open and wear different types of headdresses and fascinators.

In 2008 I started my collaboration with Rosalia Zahino a Rosaliain the Flamenco world. The same year we presented our Flamenco collection at SIMOF. Since then, I do develop new designs and I experiment with new textures and materials, new for this world. The result are very original models and a new concept of Headdresses.

The Flamenco world fascinates me. In my creations I do mix art and cultural fusion. If you wish a unique Headdress for a Flamenco dress, You can find my creations Rosalia Zahino in Seville or you can meet me at my Studio in Almería. Should you desire to have a unique design for a special occasion, inspired by the Flamenco world, contact me.

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